Sleepwell Perfect Match Mattress

sleepwell perfect match mattress.
sleepwell perfect match mattress.

When did you last visited Mattress Store? Wasn’t it adventure trip? to find the perfect match of mattress suit your body type ?

Well, Sleepwell Comes with New Innovative ways to solve this problem and making the Mattress Selection easy with their launch of Perfect match mattress. Sheela Foam, Parents company of SleepWell Mattress have developed a Product Name Perfect Match, empower the customer to choose the right mattress, ideal for their their body type and provide whole new sleeping experience.

“Perfect Match is one of the areas where IT is enabling the next level of personalization for customers. After a detailed analysis of each customer’s pressure points in the body, we are generating a recipe for the mattress, customizing it and then assembling it at our manufacturing units,” says Rahul Gautam, Managing Director, Sheela Foam

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This tech base innovation around mattress measure and record the body mass distribution while sleeping on Mattress. People carry same height and weight, may have varied fat deposition. The Algo of this technology takes all this deta to analysis and recommends the best mattress which suit your body types.

Pertisth Mankotia, CIO, Sheela Foam explains that when customers visit a Sleepwell showroom, they are requested to lie on a bed called a “Senso-Bed”. This bed is equipped with sensors and control points through which the pressure point distribution of the customer’s body can be easily determined and mapped.  This information then travels to a cloud based controller system. 

Currently, Perfect Match technology is available 250 Showrooms owned by Company. SleepWell Plans to roll out this to All 700 Showroom by the end of year.’