SleepWell Mattress

Sleepwell MattressI have been bothered about my sleep for quite some time now and have consulted doctors on the same. Not convinced about taking medications, I thought of consulting a friend who suggested me to get a Sleepwell mattress for my house. There have been a lot of researches going on regarding the importance of sleep and why it is extremely necessary to balance our lives.

Sleep is very important for all of us because it assures a lot of things. It helps us to maintain balance and enjoy a healthy and refreshing life. Sleep improves the immunity of your body and also plays a key role in getting your work done fully and wholeheartedly.

SleepWell Mattress

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There is no alternative of a good night’s sleep and if it is so that you are going through an unhealthy sleeping cycle, you should look for something that will preserve your sleep cycle. A comfortable mattress is the only productive solution that can change your life. Sleepwell mattress is your only necessary solution.

There are a number of companies who are fighting for a greater cause like preserving the user’s lifestyle. SleepWell is one of them. If you try sleeping in a Sleepwell mattress you would get to know the advantages as to why you should try them. If you still have questions haunting in your mind, herein are some of the reasons mentioned that will compel you to get hold of a Sleepwell mattress.

Why Sleepwell mattress?

There are truckloads of reasons as to why you should be getting hold of a Sleepwell mattress. Some of them are mentioned here.

  1. Sleepwell mattresses are one of the best quality mattresses that are found in the market. They are the ones that are made of superb quality material and gives you no reason to worry or complain.
  2. The mattresses are robust and will continue to provide service for a long period of time.
  3. There are a lot of technologies that these mattresses are updated with. You might just miss them if you do not choose this particular kind.
  4. The mattress takes care of your hygiene and cuts down any bad odour.
  5. If you are suffering from any kind of problems regarding your neck or back, you need not worry. SleepWell caters you with mattresses of all kinds.

There are other reasons why you should be getting hold of this particular mattress. However, I would always suggest you get hold of one and use it before blindly trusting me.

Types of SleepWell Mattress:

SleepWell is a kind of brand that caters for all kinds of people across the world. There are a lot of technologies that are installed in their mattresses which make them the best available brand in the market. There are a number of Sleepwell mattresses found in the market and they are mostly divided into five kinds which are ESTEEM, DIGNITY, INSPIRE, ADMIRE and ACTIVA.

All of the mattresses are given special features by the manufacturers which make them distinctively different from each other. They are all equipped with a lot of advantages that make them extremely desirable and worthy. All the five kinds have other distributaries that are also contributing to the brand’s name.

Under Esteem we have, Firmtec, Supportec, and Softtec. They are divided keeping in mind the comfort level of all. Firmtec has a firm mattress and is best for people with back and neck problems. There are memory foam and a pillow cover finish. Supportec has a Zero TurnTM and is also extremely comfortable. If you prefer a mattress that is extremely soft, you should probably go for Softtec. This is also equipped with Zero TurnTM technology and memory foam. All the products provided with a five-year warranty.

The dignity products come at affordable prices. all the three products that are the Firmtec, Softtec and Supportec are updated with a Visco Elastic Material which adds on to the comfort. They are robust and will last for a long period of time. All the products under this name come with a five-year warranty.

The third kind is called Inspire under which there are three different kinds of mattresses available. All of them are extremely affordable and they have this amazing combination of firmness and softness. The thickness of these particular products is a little less because it is mainly meant for people with spinal difficulties. You can try this particular range if you happen to have neck and back pains.

The last two kinds are Admire and Activa which has two products each under them. Both the Admire products are cheap and are ten cm thick. Each of the products provides three years of warranty. This Sleepwell mattress price is really affordable. They are also 10 cm thick and provide a warranty period of two years.

All Sleepwell mattresses are special because of the variety they provide their users with. All of them are special in their own way.

Sleepwell Mattress Range:

There is a wide range of products that are catered by SleepWell all of which are of distinctive features. They have certain exclusive features that are added to the products. Some of them are mentioned herein:

  1. Products like Amity have a Zero TM technology which enhances the comfort.
  2. The Visco-Elastic material also adds to the comfort.
  3. They are updated with Health Fresh Technology that assures that they do not have any bed bugs and termites. This technology also helps in getting rid of bad odour.
  4. Products like Serenity come with a Pocket Innerspring System for extra luxury and comfort.
  5. They are updated with latex plus material which helps in the extra bounce and makes the mattress extremely comfortable.
  6. Sleepwell mattress offers three different products for people with backbone difficulties. You can choose from any one of them.
  7. Products like duet Luxury provides with both firm and soft size mattress which is the best possible thing available.

SleepWell products as you might have realized have a wide range and are extremely flexible.

Best Selling SleepWell Mattress:

SleepWell helps their users in getting the best available product in the market. They have created an option where the users can find the best-selling products in the market. They offer the users with a range of best Sleepwell mattress and some of them are mentioned here in this article.


This is one of the best available products that is widely sold. There are a number of advantages that you will experience if you use this particular product. They are:

* Extra comfort.

* Foam wall technology.

*Visco Elastic Temperature Sensitive Material.

*Warranty of 5 years.

Duet Air:

This is one of the most intelligent products that is designed by the company. Duet product offers a firm and a soft side in the mattress. You can choose the form whichever you feel comfortable in.

This product also provides comfort for all seasons.

Duet Luxury:

If you are looking for extra comfort you should definitely be going for this one. All the luxuries are enhanced in this particular product and if you go for a Sleepwell mattress review you will get to know how great this particular product is.

SleepWell Size Guide:

In order to get hold of a proper mattress, you need to know the size of your bed as well as the mattress. There are guidelines provided in this article which you need to follow in order to know the right size of mattress that you need to buy:

  1. Measure the length and width of the bed.
  2. Keep in mind that the mattress should always be 12 mm smaller than the size of the bed measured.

If you keep in mind these two points you will be successful in finding the right mattress for your bed.

SleepWell Mattress Technology:

Sleepwell mattress as mentioned earlier in this article is equipped with a lot of technologies that are extremely good for the users. You might want to know some of them. They are mentioned as follows:

*Health-FreshTM Technology: This gets rid of bugs and maintains hygiene.

*SANtechTM Advanced Technology: This enhances firmness.

*Visco Elastic Temperature Sensitive Material: Reduces stress and gives us sleep.

*Ultra bounce Latex plus Technology: Reduces pressure points and promotes sleep.

*ReticoolTM Technology: This technology allows air circulation.

*Pocket Spring Technology: This is good for people with backbone problems.

*Zero TurnTM Technology: This promotes durability and ultimate comfort.

If you happen to choose any of the SleepWell products, I can assure you that this will be the best mattress available in the market. I can vouch for the fact that this particular product will do justice to you and you will be extremely glad to have it at your place. The kind of service Sleepwell mattress provides you with is hard to be found in any other product and hence it is to be applauded. However, I would always ask you use one of the products and form an opinion on the same.

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