Sleepwell Exchange Offer 2018

Sleepwell Exchange Offer 2018

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Hey, You will agree with me when i say nobody wants to loose this great Sleepwell exchange offer!

Well, I will help you to avail this offer befor it end.

Below I wrote a complate guide to Exchange your old mattress with Sleepwell’s new mattress.

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Sleepwell Exchange Offer 2018  – We all know about a sleepwell, a leading brand for cushion items manufacturing. It involves selling pillows, cushions and carpet underlay.

Though it has products oriented benefits to impress customers, it also involves an exchange offer which is to completely impress customers.

It may be the reason to encourage customers to be regular users of sleepwell. One can expect to exchange their old mattress to replace its place with new mattress through this offer. In addition to exchanging, one can also win bumper prizes or cash rewards.

Sleepwell Exchange Offer  2018


Sleepwell Exchange Offer


Find Sleepwell Mattress Authorized Dealer from Official Website at :

Update: SleepWell Launched Festive Offer Starting from September 18 to November 3 2016

Update:SleepWell Mattress Diwali Offer 2016. – SleepWell May Launch Diwali offers soon

Exchange Offer 2018 For Sleepwell Mattress

For reader’s knowledge, some of their SleepWell Mattress Exchange offers are explained in detailed mannerism as follows,

  • Honda city cars shall be provided as an exchange offer
  • Sony Bravia of 80 cm, a full HD smart TV
  • Havells mixer grinders
  • Any season comforters
  • Besides these, one can also expect to win bumper prizes or cash rewards or 10% discount over prize.

How To Win SleepWell Exchange Offers?

When you read about these offers, you will be interested to win over them. In order to enjoy these offers, one needs to follow with three steps.

  • Replace the old mattress with new mattress from their dealer and enjoy 10% discount on its MRP.
  • Just request sleepwell dealer to SMS your mattress along with your mobile number to win prizes and also register your mattress guarantee.
  • You will receive instant SMS about concerned cash rewards and bumper prizes as aforementioned.

Though Sleepwell has impressive offers, it never wants to substitute quality with these offers. As an interested guy to enjoy their offers, you may want to know about their products and their details. The Offer is Available in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Ahmedabad, Bhopa, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Nagpur, gurgaon and Some Other Cities As Well

What Are Real SleepWell Mattress Offers?

People should never confuse among real offers and fake offers. Mattress Offers are available to encourage users. There should be no confusion between offers and quality. With few brands, there is more chance to confuse offer with quality. With Sleepwell mattress, you never worry about lack on quality due to availability of more number of offers. Sleepwell mattresses exchange offers have been providing  for people to really encourage them. You should never forget the fact that, manufacturers will never think about their loss, but a good manufacturer will also think about profits of customers like Sleepwell mattress. When you come to know about exchange offers of Sleepwell Mattress, it is not needed to bother on quality of products. Sleepwell always involves providing offers to customers alongside achieved quality on products. As an exchange offer, you not only expect exchanging products, but also expect to get some bumper offers and prizes.

SleepWell Mattress Exchange Offers are Available in Below Cities

Mumbai Lucknow Ghaziabad Kalyan-Dombivali Howrah
Delhi Kanpur Ludhiana Vasai-Virar Jabalpur
Bangalore Nagpur Coimbatore Varanasi Gwalior
Chennai Visakhapatnam Agra Srinagar Jodhpur
Hyderabad Indore Madurai Aurangabad Raipur
Ahmedabad Thane Nashik Dhanbad Kota
Kolkata Bhopal Vijayawada Amritsar Guwahati
Surat Pimpri-Chinchwad Faridabad Navi Mumbai Chandigarh
Pune Patna Meerut Allahabad Thiruvananthapuram
Jaipur Vadodara Rajkot Ranchi Solapur

SleepWell Mattress Exchange Offer Advertise

Latex Plus Core Mattress:

It is completely made up of NASA’s visco elastic material. You will be especially impressed with its feature of self shaping according to body’s shape. Apart from its external aesthetics, it will never shock you when you come to know about its internal aesthetic quality which helps people with mental related health.

  • It will reduce stress
  • It enables non interrupted sleep
  • Its contained latex plus core will provide ultimate bounce.
  • As by reducing stress, it helps in fatigue control.

Duet Luxury Mattress: There are various benefits with this product to be attained to customers.

  • In order to provide comfort, it offers firm side and soft side
  • At any seasons, comfort is guaranteed

What Are Internal Benefits?  As a NASA visco made up product, you can expect to enjoy internal or health related benefits, as they are,

  • It helps in reducing stress and fatigue
  • You can start to have deep sleep
  • In order to offer increased level of comfort, it is made up of latex plus core material.
  • Its unique reticulated layer will give you advanced air flow and freshness
  • Comfortableness can be also expected in aspects of fabric as it is made up of fabric cover.

Luxurious Pillow Top:

  • With Luxurious pillow top, you will come to enjoy soft and flexible feel.
  • It is made up of exclusive foam wall technology which ensures superior edge and comfort.
  • Its premium knitted Jacquard fabric will give rise to flexible feel.
  • It also comes up with 10 years warranty.

It is general to expect important information about a brand prior to shopping any products from concerned brand. Sleepwell involves manufacturing mattress with added features. Check sleepwell spine tech air price

Various kinds of mattresses are,

  • Spring mattress
  • Flexi puf mattress
  • Flexi coir mattress

Flexi Puf Mattress:

  • It is made up of premium printed fabric with soft feel flexi PUF on both sides
  • It is available in thickness of 4.5 cm.
  • It is available with 5 years warranty.

Level of Comforts:

Usually, comfortableness can be expected in various aspects. In this way, you can expect to enjoy various benefits like,

  • Luxury
  • Double firmness
  • Extra firm
  • Firm
  • Consistent comfort,

Why to Use Mattress Protectors? Here is Report

Why to Use Mattress Protectors? Here is Report

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Anytime somebody makes a big financial investment in a product or service that can be pricey in nature; you ought to think about discovering methods to safeguard that financial investment. When you acquire a brand-new vehicle, you frequently buy complete protection insurance coverage to make sure that if anything occurs your financial investment is covered. To secure your financial investment in a quality mattress you might require the help of a mattress protector. Some service warranties can be voided if the mattress gets stained. Much like a fantastic insurance plan, a mattress protector can assist guarantee that your mattress is covered versus spills and other issues that you may not have the ability to anticipate. Read more about Best mattress protector

Despite the fact that it needs to be apparent that a mattress protector can assist to offer an additional layer of security for your mattress, there are numerous other benefits that a mattress protector can use. You can prevent spills, spots, and assist keep your mattress from experiencing wear and tear. Keeping your mattress’s stitches and joints from mistakenly being harmed or torn. You can likewise include convenience to your night’s sleep with an excellent mattress protector. With the addition of heating coils, a warm and warm night is possible even when the snow and ice are beating at your front door. Depending on how warm or cool you are searching for; the temperature level is typically adjustable to match exactly what each sleeper is searching for.

Mattress covers are typically utilized to safeguard the mattress however it can likewise assist to offer a surface area to assist keep the mattress connected to package springs. The steadier the mattress is the longer it might last you. You can utilize mattress protectors for a range of other usages also. If you wish to secure other furniture pieces you can typically take a mattress pad under slipcovers on your sofa or futon. Lots of non-traditional techniques are offered to those who look. Read more Sleepwell Exchange Offer

If you have children that are still dealing with having the ability to go through the night with no concerns consisting of toilet training, the mattress protector can supply the additional security with your mattress requires. While nobody delights in needing to handle bed moistening scenarios, having a mattress protector can make the cleaning up of the scenario simpler to handle. Night time mishaps are typically inescapable however a minimum of you can try to make the scenario less undesirable for everybody included.

For those who might have a senior person in their house, the mattress protector can likewise assist handle incontinence. By assisting your senior person to feel more positive about handling incontinence, you will make them feel much better about their life. Simply as with your kid, you can decrease the injury that is related to these kinds of mishaps.

Constantly check out the guidelines on your mattress pad prior to you attempt to clean it. The cleansing guidelines might limit the chemicals you can utilize consisting of bleach and other extreme cleaners. If you utilize the incorrect chemicals you might harm any waterproofing abilities the mattress has. When cleaning up the mattress pads, you have a chance to examine your mattress for any early wear and tear on the mattress itself. Having the ability to capture tears or possible issues prior to they end up being major can assist you to obtain the most from your financial investment.

Mattress protectors are relatively long lasting however similar to whatever, some attention and care are needed. You do not need to tinker the protector pad each time you alter the lines on your bed however it needs to be done on a setup basis to guarantee you do not miss out on anything or any early indication of damage. The cleansing guidelines exist for a factor. Following the guidelines can assist to avoid errors that might result in harm to the mattress. If you can learn how to prevent positioning damp products on your mattress and utilizing a disinfectant you need to have the ability to assist avoid mould from forming.

Another excellent benefit to utilizing mattress protectors is the rate. Due to the fact that they are really budget friendly, you can safeguard your financial investment in your sleeping future by utilizing the mattress protectors. You can discover the best size no matter what size your mattress is. A wide range of products is likewise readily available to fulfil whatever requires you might need of your mattress protector. After you think about all the benefits, you will discover those mattress protectors are the only trustworthy method to secure your financial investment in a quality mattress.

5 Things to Consider While Choosing Bedroom Furniture

5 Things to Consider While Choosing Bedroom Furniture

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The bed room is the location where one satiates his/her tension after a busy day. The environment in the bed room need to take in all your concerns and prepare you for the coming day. Decorate your bed room with cute furnishings which will produce favorable vitality. While picking bed room furnishings, bear in mind the following things which assist you a lot.

  1. Area
  2. Size & Profile of family
  3. Structure
  4. Product
  5. Budget plan

The abovementioned things are related. Get here at a choice after taking into account all elements.

1) Area: The area in the bed room can impede your setup strategies. Bear in mind the area readily available in the bed room. Compute the three-dimensional profile of the space, I.e; Length, Width, Height. Craftsmen worldwide developed various space-saving styles which assure the convenience in a busy environment. Determine the clearance area to make furnishings available.

-> You may like to check out sleepwell mattress protector here

2) Size & profile of home: Whether it is a joint household or an Extended family, bed rooms are constantly thought about personal. Based upon the interest of the occupant, the bed room needs to be provided. Kids need a mix of a spirited & tranquil environment. Teenagers need personal privacy in their bed room. Senior individuals require available furnishings in their bed room. Take into account whatever.

3) Structure: Area and Budget plan identify the structure of the bed room. A perfect bed room includes Bed frames, Bed mattress, Night table, Nightstands, Armoires, Headboards, Dressers, Makeup vanities. The profile of home likewise has the say in the structure of the bed room. Store bed room sets which will conserve your time.

a) For a kids’ bed room, try to find an appealing Bunk bed. Typically, kids feel contented with bunk beds, as they measure up to their expectations. Nowadays, grownups likewise have the tendency to select a Bunk bed over a regular bed due to the fact that of its benefits. They are likewise created in many designs to match the requirements of users. Bunk beds with rotates are thought about as a flexible furnishings.

b) For a busy bed room, Murphy beds and Trundle beds ready alternatives. Murphy beds assist to set up the bed room furnishings in a simple method. When not in usage, they are raised versus the wall and can be utilized as a cabinet. Trundle beds include a take out drawer underneath the bed frame.

c) Bed frames are fundamental bed room furnishings. They support the mattress and other bed linen product. Bed frames are available in various sizes like Queen size, Economy size, Twin size, and so on. Based upon the profile of the home, pick the bed frame.

ECONOMY SIZE – 76 X 80 (in inches).

QUEEN SIZE – 60 X 80 (in inches).

COMPLETE SIZE – 54 X 75 (in inches).

d) The size of the mattress and the bed frame must go together. The mattress ought to likewise match the health profile of the user. The mattress must comply with the body shape and its shape. There countless type of bed mattress.

e) Nightstands and Night table are comparable bed room furnishings. The height of the Nightstand must be available to the user. Contemporary Night table include columns and racks which allow the user to arrange various things.

f) Armoires have actually become part of bed room furnishings for centuries. Precious jewelry armories are created to keep gems and belongings. They are likewise referred as Cabinets.

g) Headboards are typically utilized for practical and ornamental functions. They can boost the beauty of the bed room.

h) Normally, makeup vanities are clubbed with the bed room. Vanity tables and stools prevail furnishings in the vanity location.

4) Product: The product with which the furnishings is made from identifies the toughness and the appeal. Normally, bed frames are made from various metals or woods. Wood frames are resilient and reasonably more expensive. Metal bed frames are less in weight and can stand the test of time. The nature of mattress affects your sleep patterns. Modern Bed room Sets featured a range of functions. Select a mattress which is long lasting and comfy. While purchasing kids’ bed room furnishings, look for its security compliance certificate. Nightstands and Bedside stands must be strong enough to endure loads.

5) Budget plan: Whether it is a Physical shop or online website, buyers require finest offers. Due to the high occurrence of online shopping, lots of websites are providing discount rates on bed room furnishings. Make note of all to compare. Store Online Bed room Furnishings on joyful seasons and big days as they witness more deals.

Sleep Well With the Latest Innovations in Mattress

Sleep Well With the Latest Innovations in Mattress

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Have you ever struggled with an insomniac concern? Have you wanted to have an excellent and sound sleep that would enhance your life quality? If the response is yes, then take a look at your bed mattress initially prior to repairing a visit with a physician. Bed mattress is something that enhances your life quality, as sound sleep belongs and parcel of every living being’s life. Utilizing an old and unpleasant mattress might be the factor for your sleeping problems. Altering the mattress prior to checking out a medical professional is recommended as this might turn off the bulk of your sleep denying issues.

Latest Innovations in Mattress 2017

A sleep deprived night would perhaps shut off your next day tasks and will have a major influence on your health and wellness in long term. For a pleased life having a sound sleep is should and for a sound sleep having right bed mattress is a must. With the release of brand-new designs every year, it is annoying to select bed mattress that fit your sleeping requirements. To make your procedure of picking ideal bed mattress much easier here we are employing a couple of newest bed mattress that would favourably affect your sleep and lifestyle.

The concept of searching for brand-new and newest bed mattress might be to alter your life quality or the old bed mattress might not worth a repair work. Be it be any factor the primary thing that an individual in the shoes of the client would believe is of quality than about functions, rate. Here we are providing leading included and favorably evaluated bed mattress that are created to change the lives of users.

-> You may like to check our SleepWell Mattress here

Memory foam bed mattress – These are the current bed mattress made with a high quantity of foam and appropriate for users who prefers to sleep on a fluffy bed. The cost of this sort of bed mattress depends upon the quantity of foam being utilized. These newest bed mattress might produce heat throughout summer times so; it is encouraged not to decide for this bed mattress if you are living in a location which is vulnerable to high-temperature levels.

Innerspring bed mattress – Budget plan friendly and long lasting bed mattress that would change your sleep’s quality without pinching your pocket. The rates of these bed mattress depend upon the kind of coils being utilized in it. These are amongst the most searched for bed mattress particularly amongst individuals aged in between 18-55.

Natural latex most current bed mattress – unlike artificial bed mattress these are comprised of natural latex that is drawn out from rubber trees. These bed mattresses are not so popular like the other 2 kinds of bed mattress due to their high expense of production. As they utilize nature’s spin-off in their production procedure they would pinch your pocket somewhat compared with other designs.

-> Check latest Sleepwell Exchange Offer & Kurlon Exchange Offer here