Duroflex exchange offer 2017

Duroflex exchange offer 2017

Duroflex Mattress Price, Review & Buying Guide, Mattress Exchange Offer 2017 - 2018

Duroflex is one of the Top mattress brands in India and producing mattress since 1963. To attract more customers in coming festive season Duroflex has launched Duroflex exchange offer for the mattress in India

The Duroflex is good at Quality and delivering the best mattress to Indian household and become one of the trustable mattress brands in India

Duroflex Exchange Offer 2017

Duroflex Exchange Offer 2017

The offer may have expired. Call your nearest Duroflex dealer to get the latest update on Duroflex Mattress Exchange offer.

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Duroflex Energise Mattress Price

Duroflex Energise Mattress Price

Duroflex Mattress Price, Review & Buying Guide

Duroflex Energise mattress launched with range & tagline “Ready for Tomorrow”. The brand started 360 Degree campaign with Anil Kumble. Check Duroflex Energise Mattress Price

Duroflex Energise

DUROFLEX ENERGISE, a mattress variety specifically developed for the active person who has to awaken feeling totally energised to satisfy the needs of the day. ENERGISE combines the very best of science and art. The Active NRG layer included in each of the mattresses is a development innovation in sleep science that provides you unparalleled body contouring so that you get the most energising sleep. The signature visual appeals by Foley Styles sets the variety a class apart making it the very first designer mattress in India.
With ENERGISE you are constantly All set For Tomorrow.

Duroflex Energise Mattress Range

Duroflex Energise NRG 40

The NRG-40 is a truly state of the art mattress which works in layers to provide rich,
energising sleep. This avant-garde mattress uses many breakthrough technologies, specially
engineered by sleep scientists at Duroflex to give you the ultimate sleeping experience.

NRG-40 is designed to give you

Most de-stressing sleep due to the pressure relieving property of

Memory Foam which evenly distributes body weight and also gives a plush feel.
• 3–Zoned Body Support from the Active NRG layer which allows for optimum pressure distribution,
better blood circulation and enhanced muscle relaxation resulting in a deep, enriching sleep.
• Unsurpassed back support and body contouring from the exclusive QUBE Cell Technology.
• A mattress that holds its shape over time due to the High Resilient Foam used in the QUBE Cell
• A luxuriously plush mattress due to the Hyper Soft Foam used in the QUBE Cell.
• A mattress that always stays fresh and clean because of the highly breathable
QUBE Cell layer used.
• The deepest, most relaxing sleep due to the Phase Changing Material (PCM) infused in the mattress
which keeps your body temperature to the recommended level.
• Anti-Stress Technology in the fabric which repels negative ions in the body.

NRG 40
NRG 20
Velocity Plus