How Chandeliers Set The Tone In Your Dining Room?

How Chandeliers Set The Tone In Your Dining Room?

Without any doubt one of the most essential articles in your dining room is your lighting fixtures, as it sets the entire theme and aura of your room. This need could be fulfilled by an amazing classical chandeliers, which can be of any type that you like, such as beaded, silver, brass or even the crystal chandelier. Any stunning chandelier would not only make your dining room look fabulous, but it will also allow you to enjoy having a good meal in a good tenor.

Now, the time is simply perfect for choosing a striking dining room chandelier. But, before buying you need to get the answers of the following questions:

  1. Do you know the styles and colors that could go aptly with the decor of your dining room?
  2. Would you consider your dining as small or big or medium sized?
  3. What kind of theme you want to set in your dining room?
  4. Do you love being contemporary or conventional?

Now, if you have thought about the styles, sizing and theme you want to set in your dining room, you can pick any one of the below given chandeliers as per your requirements.

#1 Traditional crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are all time classic, and they would remain the most beautiful one forever. The way they would light up the dining room is simply unimaginable and especially for a more formal lighting, they are the best option. The shimmer and shine that pleasing crystal chandeliers create is not possible with any other type of chandeliers. Their variety and price range both are wide, so you can pick any as per your budget and styling.

#2 Transitional chic chandeliers

If you don’t want to go for traditional lighting, then why don’t you try transitional chandeliers? actually, the transitional chandeliers comes between the contemporary and traditional chandeliers and you can say that this category combines the best of both worlds. These are very versatile and could match up with any style of your dining room. Crystals are not necessary in transitional chandeliers and they could even incorporate touches from any other popular design trend, like you can find them in industrial or farmhouse style too.

#3 Cool contemporary chandeliers

May be you are not a big fan of transitional or traditional chandeliers or you just want to try something that is up-to-the-minute and be a perfect match with your modern dining room decor. They could even have geometric patterns and intriguing style that could attract all. They would create bold new silhouettes with their very austere and minimal styles. These chandeliers make use of LED lights in order to create inventive shapes and sizes.

So, these were the types of chandeliers, next comes the arrangement and in what style you could hang them.

Two chandeliers: if your dining room has rectangular tables, then using two chandeliers would be an ideal decor arrangement for you. For this, you have to make sure that the chandeleirs are small in size and not too big. Measure the breadth of your table and then buy the chandeliers which is 1/3rd of the breadth and hang each one of them over the centre of one half of the table. You can get any, like two small crystal chandeliers or two tiny contemporary chandeliers.

Think outside the box: don’t just buy any chandeliers, look for styles and designs, which are more innovative and unique. Anyone can hang chandeliers, but not everyone have an eye to find the most appropriate one, so research and then pick the most mesmerizing styles, which are not so common.

What are you waiting for? just get to work now and check online what all modern patterns and vogue are in trend.

Author bio- Michel Jonson is an enthusiastic blogger and genuine chandeliers fan or adviser who advises what type of chandeliers to purchase for your specific property style or interior design.