4 Ways to complement your bed with your room design

Have you ever wondered when you enter a five-star hotel room what attracts you first? It’s the king size bed with attractive linen bed sheets that steals your first sight. What if you can make your bedroom at home look like the same? It’s all about designing your bed that matches perfectly with the styling of your room.

As the bedroom is an important place in your house where you can relax and rejuvenate, you need to make it more comfortable and personalized. There are a lot of things that you will need to consider while complementing your bed with the design of your bedroom. When you design your bed with your favorite design and colors it will definitely create an aesthetic appeal and offer peace of mind and comfort.

Here are the 4 ways to make your bed perfectly match your bedroom design:


Use Printed Bedsheets

Although plain bed sheets have their own grace, printed bed sheets add life to your room. Only the things you need to consider is that your print designs should be in good contrast with the colors of your bedroom walls.  Using colorful printed bedsheets that matches perfectly with the color of your walls will offer a new look to your bedroom.  A lot of printed designs of bedsheets are available in the Indian markets.  You will need to experiment with different designs of bed sheets to figure out which suits the best according to the colors and texture of your bedroom walls and floor.


Multiple Colors

Colors add life to your rooms including your living room and bedroom.  But you don’t need to buy a lot of bed sheets to match the design of your bedroom. You can buy simple printed bed sheets with minimal and subtle designs that complement the decor of your bedroom.  Moreover, you may also use plain colored bed sheets with pillow covers in perfect contrast with them. The idea is to use minimal but different colors in perfect contrast with the colors of your walls, floor, and carpets.

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Multiple designs

Using designs is a great idea to make your bed attractive. You can use multiple designs of bed sheets and pillow covers in contrast with them.  As bed is the most important part of your bedroom, you can also experiment using different types of bed designs to add a new look to your bedroom.  Go to the market and look for some innovative and contemporary bed designs specially designed portable homes for sale. You can choose from a variety of available options like platform bed, box bed, divan bed and maharaja bed. Customized designer beds with in-built LED lights make your bedroom look quite attractive.


Luxury and Comfort

In addition to attractive colors and designs that add a new look to your bedroom, the luxury and comfort is equally important. The mattresses you use on your bed play an important role in making your bed luxurious and comfortable. There are multiple types of mattresses available in the market for different types of uses and requirements such as foam mattress, coil mattress, memory foam, air mattress and water beds.

Foam mattresses are quite popular in India and can be seen in almost every home as they are the most comfortable to sleep on. Moreover, there are orthopedic mattresses that are specially designed for people with back problems. The idea is that you need to choose the mattresses that suit best to your requirements. Click here to know more about mattresses that you can choose to buy for your bedroom to make it a more comfortable place to relax and rejuvenate.